Web Copy Writing: A How-To Guide

Web Copy Writing: A How-To Guide

You’re starting your own business and there is a lot to do and even more to learn. Your business’ online presence is an important part of its growth and success and so you embark on the epic journey of creating a website.

It’s easy to see why good design is important for an effective website but equally important, and often overlooked, is good web copy. Obviously, if you’re going to write copy for your own website you need to know what you’re doing. But even if you’re planning to hire a professional, you want to have a solid understanding of effective copy writing to evaluate the job that has been done for you. Good copy writing takes some finesse.

What exactly is Web Copy Writing?

Web copy is the scaffolding of your website. Not to be confused with web content (blogs and articles), web copy writing is the core text on the main pages of your website (home, about, contact) that guides people through your site and tells them what they need to know.

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