What is UX anyway? User Experience Defined

What is UX anyway? User Experience Defined

User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) are two interrelated and often interchanged terms that you are likely to come across when you are planning your website. UX and UI take the user into account—who is using your site and what do they need to accomplish while they are there? You could spend years studying the nuances of each and still not be an expert but a basic familiarity is essential and, as you’ll see, recognizing great UI and UX is actually quite intuitive.

User Interface: The Stage

You can’t talk about UX without first discussing UI, which refers to the way in which humans interact with computers and the way your customer interacts with your website. The interface is the tool box we use to control a computer or navigate a website. It is the keyboard, the mouse, the touch screen buttons, the drop down menus and the graphics; essentially the stage on which you set the User Experience.

The UI of a website should be clean and clear, intuitive and familiar, consistent and forgiving. Good web design takes into account the type of device on which your website will be viewed and the different user interfaces that result.

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