Responsive Web Design: A Small Business Essential

Responsive Web Design: A Small Business Essential

We’ve all been there: head down, phone out, standing still in the middle of the sidewalk as people swerve around us. We are running late, it’s usually pouring rain, often a small dog is barking at our feet and we are trying to navigate a website to find an address, a phone number, or some other vital piece of information that we need to get us to where we have to be.

We drag, scroll, zoom and maddeningly wander around our 4” smartphone screen on a web page that we can’t see because it is too big and our screen is too small. The site is clearly not designed for our mobile device and we are left with a customer experience that leaves us frustrated.

“Space Planning”

In Interior Design, space planning is one of the important components to the successful design of a room; correct size and placement of furniture leads to maximizing potential.

It is no different in web designing.

It wouldn’t make a whole lot of sense to fill a 600 square-foot downtown condo with large-scale furniture that was bought for a 12,000 square-foot estate home in the country. The furniture would appear overwhelming and the space that the condo does have would be inefficiently used.

So how do we solve this problem in web design? We design for different screen sizes! Giving  us our stately oversized furniture when we are in the country and our apartment-sized furniture when we are downtown.

So what exactly is Responsive Web Design?

Responsive Web Design enables your website to detect the size of screen, whether it is a tablet, smartphone, laptop, or any other device, and adapt accordingly. Designing for screen size instead of individual device means that Responsive Web Design is future friendly. It will keep up with the sea of new devices that come onto the market every year.

A positive customer interaction with your website is necessary in creating a unique online brand and without Responsive Web Design, “poor space planning” is exactly what happens to your website when it is viewed on a mobile device. Elegant graphics and videos that are stunning on a desktop screen, slow and impede a mobile user.

Mobile is King

And more often than not, this is how your website is being viewed. According to, in 2014, mobile device usage (smartphones, tablets, e-readers, netbooks) surpassed desktop usage. Mobile devices are king and their kingdom is growing fast.

Responsive web design identifies the size of screen that your website is being viewed on and adjusts your site’s content to fit that screen and give your customer a seamless and positive interaction with your brand. Even Google recommends Responsive Web Design for increased search engine visibility. They say,

we recommend webmasters follow the industry best practice of using web design, namely serving the same HTML for all devices using media queries to decide rendering on each device.

Allow me to translate: That’s Google-speak for,

We LOVE responsive web design.

Nook Knows How

Nook Design Studio specializes in implementing Responsive Web Design for our clients and believes strongly in its essentialness for any small business growing its online presence.

Not sure if your website is responsive? Check out this site to plug in your URL to see if it’s time for a makeover. Then, give us a call at Nook and we’ll hook you up.


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