Nook is a full service web design studio specializing in custom WordPress sites. We focus on digital online marketing and web development. With all the right tools to firmly establish your online presence, we’ll have you effectively sharing products and services with your clients in no time.

At nook, we’re passionate about helping small business owners create the organizations of their dreams. Whether building a house, knitting a sweater, or crafting a website—designing and implementing a strategy is key. To make the right impression online, and be memorable to your clients, you need a strong online presence, creative digital marketing, and effective web development.

Nook itself is a small business—hence the name—which means we understand the specific needs of the humble pursuit. We have a solid grasp on what it takes to succeed in today’s marketplace and are dedicated to helping the little guys establish themselves with innovative online marketing strategies and effective information architecture. We work remotely via email, Skype, phone, and other applications to help busy entrepreneurs like you, anywhere in the world.

Nook may be small, but we’re a powerhouse of creativity and personalized customer care. Our online marketing strategies and web services have stood the test of time and, as a result, we have had the pleasure of watching our clients flourish in their fields.


So don’t be a stranger! Get in touch. We’re nice!

The way you look says everything about you in the marketplace. Establishing an effective online presence is one of the most important steps in starting a business and requires well-considered strategies. You have to be memorable, which means employing unique and creative digital marketing techniques and maintaining a unified visual identity on your website and across all social media profiles. We can help you turn heads with our implemented ideas.

Before the days of CMS, managing a website was a one-sided job. Even the smallest change was a lot of work. Now, with the help of a developer, clients can choose to be more involved in the evolution of their site. WordPress makes it easy for users to upload photos, post news, and link to social media, and provides constant updates and innovation that allow you to stay on top of the trends in an ever-changing online marketplace.blank

Isabel has always had a passion for design, marketing, and adventure. She graduated from the Interior Design program at the University of Fine Arts in São Paulo, Brazil, and got her start as a professional Designer in film and television. For several years she worked as a set decorator and props master, before relocating to Vancouver.


In her new city, Isabel jumped at the opportunity to join a small sales and customer service team of a rapidly growing athletic apparel company. She worked hand-in-hand with the business owner, often wearing many hats, and developed a mastery of customer service. She also used her keen understanding of the relationship between cohesive branding and marketing to help the company grow.

Before creating Nook Design Studio, Isabel was the manager of Flüff Design & Decor, a large design and home staging company in Vancouver. She worked closely with the marketing and branding of the company, further sharpening her skills. Now, Isabel is thrilled to bring her years of experience and expertise in design, customer service, and marketing to the development of your online presence. While working at Flüff, Isabel noticed something. Too many artists, designers, and stagers lacked a web presence for promoting their services. Understanding the close connection between web marketing and business success, Isabel dreamed of starting a creative company that would focus on helping these freelancers and business owners grow.


With the support of family and the professional mentorship of PattI Houston, her employer at Flüff, Nook Design Studio was born. Finally, Isabel could use her extensive experience in design and keen sense of marketing strategies to help clients grow their online presence through web development and digital marketing.


It’s been five years since Isabel developed Nook Design Studio. Today, Isabel leads a team of experienced creatives to help a diverse collection of talented professionals with small and medium sized businesses from all over the world.


With a strong focus on digital online marketing and web development, Isabel and her team work remotely via email, Skype, phone, and other applications to help the busy entrepreneur from anywhere on the globe.