Why Your Logo is an Investment

Your logo is the first interaction your clients have with you, your product, service, or idea.

Why are Logos so Expensive?

You’ve done your research. You’ve poured hours and hours of exhilaration into planning, organizing, and figuring out the details of your new business. You have the perfect name. Now what?


It’s time for a logo.


Sure, logos are nice, but—you’re wondering, as you try to limit startup costs—why are they so expensive?


As Mash Bonigalla says: “a logo becomes the company’s crucial identity mark that portrays the character of the business, its mission and its philosophy.” Logos are much more than decorative images. They’re an investment in the future of your business.


Let’s look at what makes a logo effective.


What Makes a Logo Effective

For a logo to be effective, it must be scalable, versatile, and directly relevant to your business and its mission or philosophy.


A scalable and versatile logo is made in an industry standard vector program such as Illustrator, never in Photoshop, and should be as readable at ten millimeters as it is at two inches. It should also be as recognizable in tiny black and white as it is in full colour.
Nothing about your logo should be random. Every element used in your logo telegraphs meaning to your clients and has the power to alter their perception of your business. A professional logo designer carefully considers each line, dot, font, illustration, and colour to ensure the end result clearly communicates the essence of your business to your clients.


If done right, your logo will be memorable, unique, and will last your business at least 5-10 years before needing refinement.


The Design Process

Of course, to create something so carefully considered and technically functional requires a thoughtful design process that takes a lot of time and effort.


Before putting pencil to paper, designers usually spend hours meeting with clients, conducting research of industry trends and competitors, and analyzing your business venture, its goals, style, and target market. Most designers then spend hours creating computer versions of concepts for you to choose from and more hours implementing revisions.


Once you’re happy with the end result, the designer spends more time preparing various computer file formats for your specific needs. This entire process can take a designer upwards of 75 hours. Some say it shouldn’t take less than 72 hours.

The Problem with Crowdsourcing

Crowdsourcing sites, which offer cheap logos, have popped up all over the place. On these sites, the design process necessary to produce an effective logo that will stand the test of time, and be deserving of all the hard work you’ve already poured into developing your business, simply isn’t possible.


Hobbyists and novice designers compete with each other for very low rewards, rarely having direct contact with the business they are designing for. The designs often feature clip-art or stock images. These same images may already be in use by other companies, and could be used again in future. Not only does this create generic results, but it also produces clones and copy cat designs. The last thing you want is a forgettable logo.


Many of these sites have also been accused of logo theft and plagiarism.


Your Logo is an Investment

A logo is an investment in your future, and all your hard work deserves proper representation in the form of a unique design that will reflect your company’s values. Your logo is the first interaction your clients have with you, your product, service, or idea. Its elements—colors, typography, shapes—are the starting point for the visual identity of your whole business. A professional will take your venture as seriously as you do to create an original logo that will be fit to represent you and the values of your company, saving you money and headaches in the long run.

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